Down Side of College Sport Essay

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Smith, Janae
Christopher Shaw
English 105
20 July 2015
Downside of College Sport
College athletics have been a part of the university system for many years. An unfortunate by-product of college athletics has been the exploitation of student-athletes. This paper will discuss the disappointing reasons in which student-athletes have been exploited and why reforms are needed in college athletics. Which explores the effect of money on college sports programs and the way in which college sports programs can distract everyone from academics. It will discuss some of the methods the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has employed in an attempt to cure this exploitation. This will fairly compensate student-athletes for their work
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The subject gained controversy due to the recent support by the coaches. The NCAA has been negatively perceived for its strict enforcement of the benefits for student athletes. The big part of why students are involved in receiving improper benefits is the nature of college athletes. The NFL and NBA or just like college football and basketball. Because their but high- revenue producing businesses and they make their player famous, so there should be no reason why they shouldn’t get paid. Sent the player are going into the draft one year into being in college because their looking for a good income as soon as they can get it. If they would pay the college athletes they want be eager to leave school. As for the NCAA, colleges, and universities I think they do take advantage of the college athletes.
A second reason why college sport is disappointing because the sham of the NCAA. The NCAA is known for National Collegiate Athletic Association. Nature of college athletics. Another of the stated purposes of the NCAA is to preserve the amateur nature of college athletics. This supposedly protects the image and unique nature of college athletics. However, this is not the only effect of these amateurism rules. Because of the large amounts of money generated by college athletics, the NCAA, as well as individual universities, utilize

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