Wounded Warrior Case Study

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Donna Pratt is a warrior who served in the Gulf War. She managed the vehicles used in battle. She was working with the military before 9/11 on a mission. She came back to continue the mission after the tragedy had struck.
After working with the military vehicles in Iraq she noticed her feet started to swell up. The swelling and aching was getting so bad that she couldn’’t walk anymore. That's when officials had to send her back to the US to get treatment. After she left, some soldiers were injured by an explosive and Donna felt very guilty. She felt guilt because others got hurt while she wasn't there to help. When she got back to the states, immediate surgeries were required to repair her fractured bones, damaged tendons, and ligaments.
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The charity first started as just a group of soldiers who saw the major attacks made on September 11th and decided step in and get wound soldiers the help they needed by creating programs based on helping the soldiers overcome obstacles and help them live their “new normal.” The project officially began in 2003 in Roanoke, VA, which used to be its only physical location. They started this organization to get people more aware of the struggles that handicap soldiers face every day. With only a few thousand dollars, the group was able to spread their word and get their message of need of donations out. They stated that their mission is to “honor and empower wounded warriors” and to thank them for what they have given up for us (Mission). Today, there are an additional three different Wounded Warrior Project buildings around the US that people can visit and there has been over 20 different programs set up for the warriors to have fun and face new challenges. What started from a few hundred of people, as of February 20th, 2018, almost 112,000 people have been helped by the

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