Essay about Domestic Violence : The United States Department Of Justice

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A child is a gift from God, one that should be cherished and nurtured and their family a safe-haven for them with values and morals. Their family should have a strong sense of love. Domestic violence destroys that for a child. What is domestic violence? The United States Department of Justice labels it as violence between partners in an intimate relationship use to gain or maintain control and power (The United States Department of Justice). When a child has experienced violence some of the time, they may become violent. Children are severely harmed by the consequences of family violence. This trauma could lead an adolescent seeking other influence that could be negative, to learn negative behavioral and social development, severe illnesses, and death.

Family violence is both domestic and child abuse. There are different forms of domestic violence. Mental, physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. For some kids, they only witnessed the abuse. For others, the abuse happened towards them. When the violence happens to the child then, it 's called child abuse Some statistics of in-home violence, according to Child Help 28.3% of adult’s report physically abused. 20.7 adults report sexually abused. And 10.6% adults report emotionally abused ( As the child grows into adulthood, he or she may have learned that violence is an acceptable way to live. Children are most affected by what goes on in the home being that the home is a starting place for the remainder of…

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