Raising A Child Essay

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Raising a Child: In a Positive Environment
As we all can contrast your child’s primary educator come into existence from the household. It establishes from the child first words to first steps they are watching everything their parent do in front of them. It is very essential to lay the foundation down from the first day to have a good background the child is living in. Also, the way you are raising your child can affect their adolescence in a positive or negative way (Firk, Dahmen, Herpertz-Dahlmann, & et al, 2015). Being the child shining example you have to take in heed what you say and how to act around your child. Children are being impacted in an abusive and neglecting environment every day. There is much reason that a child can be living
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There are many types of child abuse such as: physical, emotional, sexual, substance abuse and abandonment. Physical abuse is no accident, but, done intentionally for many wrong reasons (Crosson-Tower, 2013). The physical abuse can result from being minor to major bruises. The parent will mistreat the child by demonstrating in punching, shaking, stabbing, choking, burning or any other way harming a child (Soomro, Abbasi, & Lalani, 2014). A parent can discipline their child when misbehaving, but, as long they are not leaving any bodily injury or marks to the child. Emotional abuse happens when the parent 's show the child no good affection of love. In fact, Soomro, Abbasi, & Lalani (2014) mentions they show him or her ongoing hurtful criticism, threats or anything that damages a child’s emotional development or sense of self-worth. If a parent or a caregiver touching a child inappropriately, rape, pornographic material and so on are committing to child sexual abuse (Soomro, Abbasi, & Lalani, 2014). Sometimes the child may not be being abuse from one of the following above, but, can be a victim of substance abuse. As an example, substance abuse can be introduced in child’s life if the parent is selling drugs around their child, parent using drugs in front of them or if the parent is under the influence of drug and alcohol resulting in the parent ability (Crosson-Tower, 2013) being …show more content…
The child being left alone or the parent is not around for support when the child needs it the most. The parent has been found lacking in maintaining contact with the child. Leaving a child alone can be very dangerous leaving them to be exposed in getting hurt or possibly death. On the other hand, there are children being neglected throughout the United States. A sign of neglect is when a guardian decline to give the basic child needs (Soomro, Abbasi, & Lalani, 2014). For example, not giving them shelter, food or little supervision is neglecting. More than that, not providing the child appropriate medical, emotional and educational needs are another way a child can be involved in neglect. All of the above has to be met in order to provide a child healthy lifestyle of not becoming a victim of

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