Domestic Violence And Breast Cancer Awareness Essay

1634 Words Nov 25th, 2016 7 Pages
There is no surprise that Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness inhabit the same month. Well, at least not for me and I believe, not for many. Domestic Violence is spreading like a disease or has it been secretly and profusely rearing its ugly head? We are finding out that no one, repeat “No One” is exempt. Age, ethnicity, financial status, gender nor religious belief qualifies as an exemption. Nothing excludes you from being a victim. Domestic Violence does not discriminate nor does Breast Cancer.
Many are pledging, marching and holding events to discuss these acts of violence, to which many are seemingly surprised. Yet this has has been around a long, long time; decades in fact! From generation to generation. What is surprising is that it has been allowed to happen for so long, to so many. Why has this “terrorist act” been acceptable? Many women and men have had to hide their scars, make up lies and even disappear until their wounds healed. Why did it take so long, was it because we had selective acceptance about some hidden things? While in other instances that may have been broadcast or may have gone viral, society stopped their busy lives long enough to say, “You cannot do that, Naw, that ain’t right!”

At the age of twelve, I would travel twelve blocks or more to visit our local library, as I was always interested in women 's health. I loved reading and research, anything that would help women. I would put on a two-piece suit or a cute little dress and I…

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