Domestic Violence Is Trendy

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Domestic Violence is Trendy Domestic violence is a serious problem in the United States. In a journal on dating violence Jennifer Katz shares some statistics on types of domestic violence. “The three most common types of violence [in the U.S. are] being pushed, grabbed, or shoved (82%); slapped or hit (78%); or beaten up (44%)” (Katz, Jennifer 456.) This is a problem that seems to be getting significantly worse throughout the years. What is causing this exponential growth with this issue? There are many movements to fight the problem of domestic violence, yet there is always something that holds society back. Domestic violence has never been seen as attractive, nor something to idolize, yet our media and our advertisements seem to glorify such issues. In the Duncan Quinn advertisement, for men’s accessories, the viewer …show more content…
The advertisement shows a man standing over a lifeless woman with a tie tattered and wrapped tightly around her neck with one end of the tie in the man 's hand. It appears the woman was distressed over whatever predicament she was in, due to the fact she is almost completely undressed. We can only assume that this woman was murdered due to the puddle of blood around her head. What makes this advertisement so attractive? Has society gone numb to such shock value to what a dead body represents? This ad seems to be about men 's accessories and how deadly this brand of men’s fashion is, but in further inspection we can clearly see that this advertisement over romanticizes domestic violence.
The contents of this advertisement show how domestic violence can also be associated with men’s accessories by showing how this fashion can be a “lady killer.” The advertisement shows a woman laying on a car undressed with only a bit of lingerie on. She appears to be bleeding out, and her hands appear to be limp. We can not see this woman’s face due to the fact there is a tie wrapped tightly around her neck with the tie going

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