Domestic Violence : A Social Problem Essay

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Domestic violence has been present for many years. It has been reported in virtually all societies. Domestic violence was a long-neglected are of study during the ancient times. The law back then did not consider punishment as a way of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a social problem in today’s society. In addition, domestic violence is a popular issue of social concern of our times. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior characterized by the intent to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner or other family members. Domestic violence is not limited to physical battering like slapping, hitting, kicking, or beating, but also includes other forms of abuse as well.
Furthermore, domestic violence can be seen through emotional abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, etc. These types of abuse come from the relationship between family members or intimate partners. A different term used to describe domestic violence between partners is intimate partner violence (IPV). “Intimate partner violence (IPV) is any behavior within an intimate relationship that causes physical, psychological, or sexual harm to those in the relationship” (Burgess, Regehr & Roberts, 2013, p. 290). Domestic violence is a global problem that is affecting current and future generations. Domestic violence needs to be alleviated through strength-based approaches like education, community awareness programs, and…

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