The Consequences Of Domestic Violence In The United States

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Domestic violence recently has been a very heavy topic of interest to many Americans. There is much however that many do not know about this legal issue that affects 1 in 4 households across this country. It can also sometimes be referred to as the silent crime as many times it goes unreported out of fear. In my analysis of this issue I hope to show, who can be affected by this crime. Why they are affected, where and when they are most vulnerable, what can be the punishment for the aggressor or the legal ramifications and lastly, how we can slow down domestic violence as a whole.

The people that can be affected range in all shapes, genders and personality’s. Most victims are women and children have a great likely hood of being abused as well if they are in a home of domestic violence as well. This Abuse can occur against anyone in reality. People can be afraid to come forward because of several different
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The battery is more of what experts think is the main reasoning. In fact, Battering of women is more common than car accidents, muggings and even rape. These victims normally later in life have many medical conditions associated with the trauma that has occurred similar to the football player with to many concussions. Victims also at times lose their job as it is not considered a reason to miss work for an extended period for many companies or the victim quits and leave to try and escape the abuse. The most disturbing fact is that boys that witness the abuse of their mother are ten times more likely to do the same to their spouse when they get older than one who didn’t witness. The same goes for the girls who witnessed there mother be abused they will be more than likely acceptable to the abuse than others with feelings of what they deserved. This however is getting better with new programs coming out to assist the children of domestic violence. (Clark Prosecutor,

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