Does Strength Training Build You Up Or Pull You Down? Essay

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Does Strength Training Build You Up or Pull You Down?

What is an aspect of caring for our bodies which is often overlooked? This is one of the

first questions I took into consideration when thinking about health and fitness, and the

conclusion I ironically came to was strength training. The reason this is ironic is because, to

some this might seem like an obvious part of fitness when it comes to trying to improve a

person’s body overall, but what I quickly discover through research is that strength training is

often overlooked. This is not the only reason I chose to research strength training, and I would

like to discuss the other reasons, as well as, just what strength training is about, how it does or

does not help our bodies, and what the Bible has to say on the subject during the course of this

To begin, I would like to explain the reasons I chose to look into strength training.

Initially when I started my research I simply wanted to find a subject which would both interest

me and provide a chance to look at the subject from a Biblical perspective. What I really wanted

was something which was not necessarily the obvious option, I wanted to discover a new

perspective in the process of my research. So, when I stumbled upon the subject of strength

training I was instantly intrigued, from what I saw this subject provided me with the chance to

shed some light on this subject from both angles that I would be researching it from. Therefore, I…

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