Does Social Media Have Bad Effects On Relationships? Essay examples

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Does Social Media Have Bad Effects on Relationships? Do you think you would be connected to as many people if there were no social media? Do you think social media puts a strain on relationships? I believe that social media does have a bad effect on relationships, even though social media is sometimes good for finding them in the first place. Think about all the relationships you have been in, and the relationships you have heard your friends tell you about. I bet you could tell me at least two stories where one of the partners in the relationships found something on social media suspicious. For example, you see something suspicious on your partner’s page or your friend’s partner page, it is going to put a strain on your relationship because arguments will arise from it. Also not trusting your partner will come up. So just from this example we can see how problems and other issues can come from having social media while in a relationship. On the website Psychology Today two authors gave three examples on how social media can affect your relationship. The article was by co-authored by Anthony Roberson, a student at Albright College and Gwendolyn Siedman, PhD, and associate professor of psychology at Albright College, who studies relationships and cyber psychology. The first example, was making it official on Facebook can cause confusion and conflict in the relationship. To support this they talked about how usually men think that it is not serious when they just post it on…

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