Do We Need Gun Control? Essay

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Every mass shooting that has happened in the past few years has brought up the controversial topic of gun control. Do we need gun control? Can we live without gun control? In Aurora, Colorado twelve people died in the movie theater shooting. In Newton, Connecticut twenty children were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. In Charleston, South Carolina a gunman killed nine people in an African American Church. Can gun control really stop all this crime?

Will gun control effectively stop criminals from owning guns?
How can we protect ourselves without guns?
Will gun control stop homicides in the US?

The truth on the matter is that, every year, guns are used eighty times more often to protect a life than take a life. As an American it is our constitutional right to own guns. Placing stricter laws and licensing will not effectively keep criminals from killing or harming another person.
Will Gun Control Effectively Stop Criminals from Owning Guns? The eighteenth amendment prohibited the production, transportation, and sale of alcohol within the United states. The amendment went into effect on January 17,1920, but the people didn’t abide by the law. The civilians who were already making the alcohol continued to do so. People like Al Capone became rich from the prohibition by gaining control of importation to entire cities ( Morris M., 2013). This leads to the question: What makes the government think that the same thing will not happen if gun…

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