Do Video Games Cause Behavior Problem Essay

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Nicholas Persaud Persaud,1
Business Communication
Mr. Osso
March 9, 2011

Do Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

Video games do cause aggression. The most games that cause aggression is games rating with M for mature games. About 90 percent of U.S kids from ages 8 to 17 play video games usually show more aggression after play a violent video games. Everyday odds are you are going to have more aggression while playing a violent video game with the Rating M for mature or higher. Even though video games are a big part in teens. Some parents are noticing there teens are getting and having more violent behavior problems. There was a lot of attention to video games and violence because people found out the shooting
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Sometimes at a young age kids are most likely to get behavior problems. A 20 year old convict said right before he went to prison Persaud, 4 said and I quote “ life is a video game”. And how everybody has to die sometime. He was known to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City before committing his crimes. He was arrested for killing to police officers. And scientist found a link that shows in the game GTA the character beats up and kill officers. Violent video games cause kids to do things at school that get them in trouble or suspended or even worst expelled. Kids started drawing violent things and making picture that get them in trouble. In modern days kids smoke,drink and there is one link to all of this and its video games. Teens ages 12 and up play video games every day and some become addicted the most and they play till morning even days. Study show that teens who play video games play it 75% of the whole week. Video games make there kids don’t do there homework and they don’t do there chores. In Conclusion, video games are a big part in kids and young adults but playing video games got parents noticing that there kids are having behavior problems. Video games can and will cause aggression to teens and it is merely about the addiction to video games and what it does to kids and teenagers. And how deaths and teens going to jail is what violent video games do to teens who play them constantly.


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