Essay on Do Shows Like `` 16 And Pregnant ``

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Do Shows Like “16 and Pregnant” Promote Teenage Pregnancy?
Teenage pregnancy has become a popular topic of entertainment for American television. There are dozens of shows and movies that depict a young girl and her challenging lifestyle once a child is brought into the picture. The most common concern with these shows is simple: do shows like “16 and Pregnant” promote teenage pregnancy? The answer is also simple: no. Television shows and movies do not glorify young mothers. These shows portray teenage parenthood realistically.
“16 and Pregnant” is a reality television show on MTV that began airing in 2009. This show follows a girl, her family, and the baby’s father from the first few months of the pregnancy, through the birth, to the first months of the babies’ life. (Weiss) It’s easy to say that modern day shows like “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” promote, encourage, and glorify teenage pregnancy. This is a popular opinion because it gives teenagers their own tv show, money, and “fame”. If one doesn’t actually watch the show, they can assume that the girls have an easygoing lifestyle due to the fame and money. However, as one watches “16 and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom” they can clearly see how the pregnancy can completely destroy the life of the teen mother. Family isn 't always supportive, especially when considering religion, and often this creates tensions within the family dynamic. Not only does family play a role in the hardships teen moms face, but more often than not…

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