Do Shows Like 16 And Pregnant Influence Teen Pregnancies? Essay

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Do Shows Like 16 and Pregnant Influence Teen Pregnancies? In my opinion many girls will get pregnant just so that they can get on shows like this. The girls seem to feel as if they get on shows like this it will help them reach fame. Little to their surprise they will not just get on because they get pregnant at the age of 16 it’s an interviewing process. What these girls also don’t understand is that they will be ridiculed for being on this show not many of them will be respected. Shows like 16 and Pregnant seem to influence teen pregnancies much more than before shows and movies like this came out because young girls just want to achieve fame.
Girls in my opinion see getting on shows like this as a key to fame. The real question that has gone through my head quite often and through others as well “Is getting on this show just a ploy for money and fame or do they really care about their future child and are not having a child for the wrong reason?” Back in 2009 after 16 and Pregnant aired with its original girls, who still have their own show today many young teenage girls saw getting pregnant as a way to get famous fast and be in the public eye. Many of the girls didn’t realize when the first season of 16 and Pregnant aired many of those girls got ridiculed for not being careful and being irresponsible. When this show started the goal of it was to educated the “youngsters watching the resultant show 16 and Pregnant would learn from their mistakes and wait to start…

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