Essay about Do Professional Athletes Make Too Much Money?

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Do professional athletes make too much money?

Neumann University

Daniel Kilpatrick

Every year player's salaries reach new highs. Athletes are treated as celebrities in American society and idolized by young athletes. The kids who see what their favorite player is doing through the media also are being influenced by them. The example that professional athletes set is very important because they looked up to. The example that many athletes set is unfortunately a negative one. Most people think that athletes make too much money but there are those that believe they are paid fairly. The enormous amount of money that professional athletes receive is having a negative effect on kids today. Athletes should
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They should care about the example they are setting to the millions of young athletes who watched professional athletes refuse to do their job and play football because they wanted to keep their millions of dollars. Kids look up these athletes and the players should know they have to convey a positive and healthy lifestyle because impressionable kids watch them and think that the point of playing a sport is to make as much money as possible.
Professional athletes make too much money. They clearly do not send a positive message to kids when they refuse to work for 130 days so they can make more money when they are already overpaid. The effect that professional athletes have on young people is very strong because of advances in social media such as twitter where a person can communicate with their favorite players. Kids are more exposed than ever to media in today's society and as a result athletes are influencing them more than ever. A negative example set by athletes in recent sports history is the steroid scandal in Major League Baseball. Many of the greatest hitters such Barry Bonds, and Rodger Clemens were caught using steroids; essentially they were cheating. When kids see their favorite players using steroids and succeeding in their sport then kids think in order to succeed they have to use steroids because professional athletes do. Kids do not understand that it is wrong to cheat; they just want to be like their favorite

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