Diversity Within The Workplace And How They May Effect Employees, Co Workers, And Managers

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Diversity in the workplace can be explored from many different avenues, it can be explored through different multicultural aspects, or by different heterogeneities. There really has not been a defined answer as to whether diversity in the workplace is a positive or negative experience. In this paper it discusses the different type of diversity in the workplace and how they may effect employees, co-workers, and managers, in both negative and positive ways.
The Multicultural and the Workplace
One way to be diverse in a workplace is to be a multicultural individual. Multicultural individuals are individuals that internalize with 2 or more cultural schemas. A multicultural individual also internalizes with a cultural identity that consists of the knowledge, beliefs, values, norms, the habits and domain specific self-schemas [1](Markus, 1977). A multicultural person is usually a grandchild or child of a migrant. It may be difficult for an organization to use the skills of a multicultural in the workplace. There are two main reasons in which a company may not draw on the resources of their multicultural employees: the first being that it is not clear how employees vary in their contributions, and second, multicultural individuals are not quite understood in the context of organizations [2](Bell, 1990; Brennan & Thomas, 2010; Hong, 2010; Lee, 2010). Although, a significant amount of our workforce is made up of multicultural individuals, my belief is that we don’t know enough…

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