Essay on Distribution Of The Current Employee Salaries

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The histogram created under the tab labeled "Histogram" (tab 5) shows a bimodal distribution of the current employee salaries. The pattern is a bimodal distribution because two salary ranges occur the most frequent in the data set. Employee salaries are categorized in $10,000 increments. We currently have 75 employees that have a salary between $31,000-$40,000, and 76 employees that have a salary between $51,000- $60,000. This bimodal distribution reveals that there is a significant number of staff members in two different salary ranges. However, there is a substantial decline in the number of employees that have a salary between $41,000-$50,000 which is directly between the two salary ranges with the highest frequency. There are only 46 employees that have a salary between $41,000-$50,000 which may give an indication of a reasonable promotion rate for new hires. Part of our company expansion strategy should include advertising opportunities for promotions which may attract several applicants that are seeking long-term employment. Retaining new employees over an extended period will minimize the cost of training new hires and will stabilize or increase production/sales based on an adequate and trained staff.

2. The projected sales for 2016 and 2017 is $5,558,707.54 and $8,346,631.43, respectively. The time span of sales provided was from 1999-2015, a total of 17 years. However, there was no sales data provided for any years before 1999 to determine the average…

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