Distracted While Driving : Distracted Driving Essay

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Distracted while driving Do you drive distracted? Do you care more about that phone call or text? Or what about that conversation or laughter in the backseat? A lot of people don 't realize how selfish they are to put there life at risk, and more importantly the other people in the car with them or innocent bystanders as well as people in the other vehicle. In 2009, The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the following, “almost 450,000 people were injured and 5,500 died in motor vehicle crashes in which distracted driving was a factor.” There are many things that can distract you while driving, let us examine why we should avoid them and a few of the main distractions while driving. The main causes of distracted driving our talking on the phone, texting while driving, as well as internal and external distractions. Talking on the phone or texting while driving I 'll admit can be a great way to pass by time and get things done while driving, but is it safe? According to Virginia Tech Transportation Institutes (VTTI), “laboratory and naturalistic studies showed that talking on a cell phone raises the risk of collision by more than 30%.” Alternatively texting can be just as dangerous if not more dangerous because you take your eyes off the road to look down to text as well as thinking about the conversation. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) has stated the following on the subject, “For example, studies using a naturalistic methodology…

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