Display Initiative to Your Boss Essay example

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Displaying Initiative to Your Boss Webster’s 1913 Dictionary defines the word “initiative” as “a character trait manifested in a readiness and ability to initiate action, an enterprising spirit, a go-getting attitude, energy, drive, and get-up and go” (Webster Dictionary.com, 2013). This week’s final team assignment is asking each team member to describe how he or she would display initiative to his or her boss. I display initiative to my bosses by doing my work and trying to stay ahead of the game. I think when it comes to work and showing my bosses that I have initiative; I always try to do the little things that count, which most people tend to overlook. I try to lead by example, be a team player while leading, and always keep a …show more content…
I try to stay alert to recognize opportunities for improvements. I do this by noticing if there is a lack of customer satisfaction, process efficiency, and employee morale. If I see there is a problem in any of these areas, I proceed to work on solutions and make a presentation to my manager to commence new practices that will improve or eliminate the problems. I display initiative by going over and beyond the call of duty without my boss asking me to do so. I offer my help in identifying and devising resolutions for any type of problem that impedes my company from reaching its goals. I work hard gathering information, laying out a strategy, and commissioning other team members to aide my boss and I in making our company better. I make sure to devise an action plan of how I would like to help. I then ask my boss to review my plan and give me advice. I make sure to proceed promptly in an organized manner in rendering my services. I show initiative to my employer by proactively reaching out to my district sales manager with potential issues I have uncovered. When calling to discuss, I make sure to have a number of options I have researched that will alleviate the problem. In my career field, there are significant regulations I have to follow and problem solutions must be ethical and compliant. Many employees call his or her managers with problems, expecting them to provide answers. Researching your own

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