Disney Employee Engagement Survey Case Study Essay

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Walt Disney Employee Engagement Survey Case Study
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Walt Disney Employee Engagement Survey Case Study
Walt Disney is a company leading the entertainment industry. The Company has a long history of inspiring kids to dream while providing excellent customer service. Walt Disney has grown to 40 different countries and employing 156k employees worldwide. (Xufangfang, 2012) The Walt Disney Company, with its variety of diversified business and distinctive brand, is the world’s leader in high-quality family entertainment. What makes Walt Disney so successful and magical? Some would say the characters, rides, shows, and even the cleanliness of the park? What makes each moment and experience at Disney feel magical?
The founder of this company was Mr. Walt Disney himself. Unfortunately, Mr. Walt passed away before the opening of Magic Kingdom in 1971. (Bradt, 2015) Magic Kingdom would be the first of many other them additions to follow such as the Epicot Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and other Disney parks spreading worldwide.
The current CEO, Bob Igor, oversees the division known as “The Walt Disney Company”. The success to The Walt Disney can’t be from their CEO alone.
The success of a company depends on many things and it starts with the employees. Walt Disney being in the entertainment industry specializes in making magical moments. Those moments would not be filled with happiness and heartfelt joy if Disney had a 156K unhappy…

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