Discussing the Teaching and Learning Strategies Essay

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Teaching and learning strategies used in an actual session and to be delivered during professional practice.
The strategies to be used will depend on several different components, e.g. the ability, knowledge and background of learners, the subject, differing learning styles etc.
John Dewey (1859-1952) believed that formal schooling was falling short of its potential. He emphasised facilitating learning through promoting various activities rather than by using a traditional teacher-focused method. He believed that children learnt more from guided experience than from authoritarian instruction. He subscribed to learner-focused philosophy and argued that learning is life, not just preparation for life. This is also applicable to adult
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Every child/learner Matters (ECM, ELM)
Be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.
These points have to be included in each lesson. HOL also provide extra training through Companies like L’Oreal to further the trainees’ careers even more which will achieve an economic well being. Stay safe is covered by the internet security thought to them and also lessons on drug abuse etc.
HOL also provides students with a virtual learning environment commonly known as MOODLE. Each student is able to gain access to this Web-site, where they will find extra information on current issues within the hairdressing profession, advanced learning resources and activities. It gives students the opportunity to review past lessons and also look at future lessons; step-by-step hairdressing demonstration videos by tutors are also accessible. HerbertofLiverpool.co.uk/ virtual learning http://moodle.herbertofliverpool.co.uk [September 2010] All the students are on an Apprenticeship scheme and therefore will get the benefit on experience the classroom theory and the practical side of our profession. It is a great tool when the two aspects of teaching strategies come together. Underpinning the knowledge and

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