Discipline, Expulsion, And Idea Essay

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Discipline, Expulsion, and IDEA
There are many rights and responsibilities to consider in education. Students with disabilities have the right to a free appropriate public education (FAPE), and all students have the right to a safe learning environment. Likewise, school administrators have the responsibility to ensure those rights are achieved, follow strict guidelines to ensure the behaviors are not the manifestation of a child’s disability, while recognizing those situations where removal from the learning environment or alternate placement may be necessary. Educators and administrators must be given the behavioral modifying strategies and tools to accomplish those responsibilities
It is a generally accepted notion that exclusionary discipline is an ineffective means of bringing about positive behavioral changes (Zurkowski, Kelly, Griswold, 1998). Consequences such as in school suspension, time out, alternative placement, and expulsion have been used as disciplinary tools. The most controversial being expulsion. Expulsion denies students an education, and can have negative outcomes such as unemployment and substance abuse. These negative outcomes effect not only the individual, but society in general. In the case of students with disabilities, expulsion is in direct violation of FAPE (Bear, Quinn, Burkholder,2001).
Discipline and Manifestation Determination
All students must be aware of, and taught rules of conduct for their school environment. Students with an…

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