Essay On Dentistry: Personal Statement

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Disappointment washed over me as I read those first few words. I had just received the last letter denying my acceptance into a dental program for 2014. It was one of the most difficult moments I have encountered. However, despite my disappointment, I have utilized this time as an opportunity to improve my academics by achieving a higher GPA and DAT score. I also have enhanced my involvement with the community by volunteering at a community-based dental clinic and joining a healthcare student program. As a result, my passion for dentistry and commitment to serve the community has progressed through these current volunteer and extracurricular opportunities.

As a volunteer at a community dental clinic, my focus is serving low-income and uninsured
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Through these work experiences, two have influenced my decision to become a dentist. The first is working as a reading tutor and ambassador for Team Read. This program provides tools to help students and their parents improve reading comprehension and writing skills. During my time tutoring, I established strong relationships with my pupils and enhanced my teaching techniques. More importantly, as a Team Read ambassador I inspired the community to become involved in the program and trained fellow high school students to become effective tutors. The second influence is my present job as an optician assistant. Applying my knowledge about ocular health, I help patients reduce the risk for common eye issues such as conjunctivitis by teaching them proper management of their eyewear. I also educate patients on the importance of routine visual checkups and screenings to prevent more serious eye health problems in the future. Through these opportunities, I learned that I enjoy teaching--an aspect that draws me to dentistry. Additionally, while I desire a career involving a technical and educational aspect, I am also attracted to the artistic side of dentistry. As a result, I have volunteered at a friend 's auto body shop for the past two years. To further my skills in visualizing structures, I practice molding and assembling various parts on cars. Though not entirely …show more content…
I find satisfaction and stimulation in my volunteer work, which included free pediatric dental services and screenings to children of families with limited income. Experiencing a patient 's gratitude furthers my yearning to establish unique relationships dentists have with their patients. The time I spend shadowing at NeighborCare fuels my desire to become a dentist and reinforces my belief that a career in dentistry is right for me. I am committed to and passionate about providing meaningful and compassionate patient care. Thus, combining my desire to apply artistry through working with my hands, educate the public about proper dental health, and develop lasting patient relationships are reasons why dentistry is the right profession for

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