Disappointing Service By Charter Communication Essay

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Disappointing Service by Charter Communication
Charter Communication Introduction Charter Communication is a service provider in Kearney, Ne. They deliver high-speed Internet, video, and phone services in and around the surrounding community homes and businesses. This past year my household was receiving cable and Internet services form Charter. However, communicating with them and discussing their various packages they offer, I have encountered a very rude and disrespectful behavior among their employees. Several times I have been cut off or left on hold for hours because it seems they do not care about their customers. Problems that customers have should be dealt with swiftly to avoid any unpleasant complaints from customers. Charter has proven me right time and time again when it comes to their service disappointing me.
The last straw I had with Charter was when they had a repair technician come look at the Internet that had been down for days. He arrives and spends about an hour or so trying to find the source of the problem. After the hour is done with he turns to me and says he will have to have another repair technician come fix the problem and I will be billed accordingly. I complained right away stating, “The repair technician should have came the first time so I do not have to pay for two technician visits.” Charter still wanted to bill me for the two technician visits after several phone calls to upper management so I dropped them, and that was the last time I…

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