Aj Hackett Bungy Case Study

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AJ Hackett Bungy:

Tangibles: AJ Hackett Bungy 's facilities that were provided were well maintained and all worked correctly. All of the staff were dressed in uniform but looked casual at the same time. They promoted the AJ Hackett brand well as they were all wearing shirts, hats and jackets with the logo on them all.

Reliability: AJ Hackett Bungy operates on a schedule, if someone has booked a bungy then the jump crew will take them out for their jump. The booking office in central Queenstown is open at hours that would meet the needs and wants of visitors, for example they were open from 8am to 7pm at night during the week. Service that was provided by staff was very consistent and helpful.

Responsiveness: AJ Hackett Bungys staff acknowledged
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They are all very laid back and just have conversations with you to make you feel confident which helps in over-coming fears. The system that is put in place to deal with complaints is to just send people to the managers office and they will hear the customer out then give a suitable compromise I.e. either a refund or another jump. If people decide to email rather than give a face to face complaint then those emails get sent straight to the senior management team for them to take care of it but also so everyone sees it and can improve on whatever the complaint was.

D) Describe the effect of the delivery of customer service on the overall customer service.

At AJ Hackett, the HR manger Shane, truly connected with all of us students and made us all want to move to Queenstown and work at AJ Hackett. Shane made the entire experience at AJ Hackett exciting and enhancing as when he spoke you could tell he was passionate about his job and his staff. The delivery of the overall customer service at AJ Hackett was the highlight of my trip as they were all warm and welcoming, from Shane the HR manager right down to the guy serving coffee at the café. You could see all of their own personalities coming through as they worked which is what the AJ Hackett company want, for employees to be themselves but still professional whilst at
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The staff did look well groomed and presented their company well to customers.

Reliability: Accors reception and room service runs 24 hours which will meet any needs or wants for any visitor. I couldn 't judge if bookings were made error free as I didn 't book a room. Service that was provided to us wasn 't very good. We had a assistant manager take us on a site visit and firstly he opened a door into a occupied room and then secondly he didn 't check if people were checking into any rooms so the room he was going to take us into, he couldn’t as the people were checking in. Also when he took us back down stairs he just walked away from the group without saying anything. He showed us one small room and thought that was a site visit? Personally I thought that was bad service and he wasn 't very helpful at

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