The Importance Of Public Relations And Marketing In An Organization

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Public relations and marketing are foremost exterior purpose of a company regarding to product advertisement and customer relationship. They function on many different levels and on different standpoint and observation. For example, Marketing survives to accomplish , sense, and assist many needs of shoppers and earnings for the establishment; however, public relations exist to harvest willingness in the company’s innumerable publics; consequently, they do not hinder in the business profitable capability.
Additional Research
It will be impossible to change an existing company style of business without doing research first. One must gather all the information possible before any changes can occur such as Clientele, and
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The first step a company should take in creating or redefining its service environment is to make sure it knows whom its customers really are and how it plans to attract and hold those customers (Lucas, 2015). The company must develop one on one orientation to each potential employee and must participate in employee training every three months to upgrade his or her customer relations. Give each employee a sense of ownership and let them know they are responsible for each customer they serve or interact with during the day of work. Every day as they walking through the door their facial impression, their tone of voice should be warm and welcoming to every customer. Their training whether virtual or in person will reminding them of everything that is or will be going on in the life of the business. They must be knowledgeable of everything in …show more content…
It is actually difficult to take bad culture out in the business place once it begin. People who already train the wrong way do not want to be reinstruct because they always think it is unnecessary to retrain. Self-motivation strategies and continue to seek fulfilment or satisfaction need to be create for a successful and profitable organization (Lucas, Customer Service, 2015). Any organization can profit from having employees at least slightly trained to handle several jobs; cross training is that employees may discover hidden talents (Forde, 2010) . Employees that encourage using their talent and participating in the company stay longer and work harder they become more attractive to the customer. The representative that are eager to talk about the business will be more comfortable of improving in a positive environment. Company that invest in their employees in developing their people those employees stay and grow their career with the company less expense on

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