Disadvantages Of Social Engineering

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Society today has gotten into the habit of allowing their login credentials set to auto-fill on their highly used websites. Individuals allow for their favorite shopping websites to remember their credit card numbers and home addresses. People are tempted to use the easy way out, the simple solution or the swiftest method that’s made available. The same individual who wants to make their purchase with the simple click of a button often has their phone locked with a password or a fingerprint for security. Many people believe that they are taking the measures necessary to protect themselves and their personally identifiable information, but, do not know the risk that they take on an everyday basis. In this day and age, E-Business has been built …show more content…
One of the biggest problems that can come from Social Engineering is someone having their entire identity stolen. No matter the outcome Social Engineering allows for an individual’s personal information to be abused by someone else. Not only can someone’s personal information be used to hurt others as well. An example of this type of Social Engineering is used when an individual makes an attempt to scam a family. The individual may make it appear as if a family member is hurt or in danger, playing on the family members emotions they may convince them to send money in order to help. But, while there are many bad sides to Social Engineering, there is some good that can come from it.
Many don’t believe that the effects of Social Engineering can be completely reduced. One positive impact that Social Engineering has on society is that it allows for new and innovative ways for individuals and society to protect themselves. Social engineering brings awareness to the threat of hacking and cyber-attacks on innocent individuals. Making people aware of just how easy it is to have their information stolen will help them in their efforts to protect themselves against these

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