Student Learning Vs Online Learning

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School is very stressful for many students especially for someone who is new to the university lifestyle. It becomes difficult to balance their course load and their social life. Students must adapt to the new environment and begin to really understand their study habits. Learning in a classroom is not always the most efficient way for an individual to comprehend the content of a course. Students in their first year of university, who take online courses are more likely to receive better grade then those who do not.
Online courses provide control for struggling students. It gives them the opportunity to work at their own pace and not be limited by the schedule that is typically given to university students. Being able to decide when an individual
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People learn by using different methods. There are many different methods which include: the use of visual aids, reading, listening, and by physically doing the work themselves. Sitting in a classroom filled with hundreds of students is not the most appealing idea for many students, and is not always helpful for individuals when they want to achieve great grades in university. This type of learning can actually be detrimental for the academic standings on students who do not effectively learn in a classroom. With online classes this forces students to truly become independent and self-reliant. It does not mean the individual cannot receive help from others, but they must rely on their study methods to truly understand the material needed. This could prove to be very easy for students who work better alone, and allow them to achieve the marks they want without the in person guidance of a …show more content…
This allows individuals to take education and learning into there owns hands. Online classes provide a different way to receive the understanding needed to achieve a bright future in a way that is more accessible, less time consuming, and more engaging then actually attending universities. Online course has truly become a viable path to take for many first year students and provides many advantages not given to other students. University is difficult in it own right, but with online course they can make the university life on a first year student a lot smoother and easy

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