Disadvantages Of Internal And External Training And Talent Development

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As one moves along in life, one gains and develops for all the experiences he/she faces. However, awaiting experiences isn’t the only way one can grow and improve. One should strive to develop by gaining new knowledge, learning new techniques especially in today’s everchanging world. As the World Economic Forum notes, “jobs exist now that we’d never heard of a decade ago”. Not only individuals are concerned with development, but also companies and organizations are seeking to either hire new talents or to develop the talents of their own employees. We all hearing about internal or external training and talent development.
More and more organizations these days, especially big companies, require their employees to take several courses developed
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The employees could either take courses online/distance learning, take evening classes, the organization allows day release or even allows the employees to take a year off (without pay) to peruse a graduate degree. This all done externally and may be referred to as ‘off the job training’.
There are advantages and disadvantages for both internal and external training. Internal training helps the organization orient and develop the specific skills it wants its employees to poses. It’s a method to keep employees motivated, enabling them to develop goals and is a respite from day to day work. It is also free for the employee. Allowing employees to experience different tasks and jobs provides the opportunity to matching tasks with skills and interest of individuals (Whetten & Cameron (2010)) which is important for efficient production.
Then again, the organization may not be equipped to provided courses, whether online or in classrooms. There may also not be any certified professionals to provide certain required
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Furthermore, for both internal and external training time contains may become an issue. That is why it is very important for current organizations implement a system where they allocate time for their employees to be able to learn and develop new skills, either during working hours or giving a specific period of time off of work to peruse the needed skills. It was mentioned in class that “seeking self-knowledge is a prerequisite to growth” (Hoffman, E., class lecture, September 17, 2016). It is also important for an individual to be motivated to seek and benefit from the provided materials to

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