Lifelong Learning In Personal And Professional Context Essay

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Register to read the introduction… There are no formal institutions instead it’s an on-going process where one learns from day-to-day interactions with different people, by observing the world around us and imbibe them to form a definite ‘knowledge’ of what has been experienced by the individual (Herminia, 2003). Lifelong learning in a professional context can be encouraged by providing incentives such as monetary rewards and career development. These are well suited to the most ambitious employees who thrive on challenge and have a deep rooted interest in self development. This has the benefit of companies retaining their employees, as developing their skill set will result in a diverse work force that can tackle many problems. Employees that feel invaluable to their company will thrive and perform better knowing they are a vital part of the workforce. In a personal context, it is important to appeal to the individual based on their personality, their life experiences and their future ambitions. The realization of personal development and its applicability to their future goals will enable them to realize their potential and motivate them to continuously learn and …show more content…
In order to see if this method is effective for the individual, a comparative analysis can be undertaken where any change in work output has occurred after successful completion of the course. An improvement in performance would suggest the training was well received. A further promotion would be a strong indicator of how effective the overall process was. Another indicator is if upon successful completion of a course, if the individual has volunteered for further courses as it shows they have been encouraged to accomplish more and the style of learning was well suited to …show more content…
This can be either done individually or discussed with the trainer. Where there were areas that learners struggled on, those issues can be discussed and an alteration within the action plan will focus the learner. Testing learners is another way to establish what they have been successful in and what they haven’t. An overall score can be given to realize any further areas of development. Learning progress must be compared to the original aims and objectives that were suggested in the development plan. A comparison can be made with the actual learning and the objectives, so as to view where there are any gaps remaining if any.

3.4 How to update reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan
Based on the review and evaluation of own learning it is then important to adjust the development plan specifying those areas that still need to be concentrated on. The adjusted plan of action will specify how this can be achieved and set a realistic time frame. The development plan must be reviewed again once this further change of action has been addressed to see how much improvement has been made. The process of planning and reviewing is a lifelong learning tool that will enable the learner to gain knowledge about their own capabilities and to develop a sense of self awareness.


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