Essay about Dirk Nowitzki

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“Dirik Nowitzki”

Thesis Statement: Today I would like to take a look at possibly the most famous German athlete of all time. We will look at his basketball background, his career in the NBA, then finally the influence he has on basketball in Germany.

I. Introduction:
A. Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? I just asked that question to a class full of American students. Perhaps I ask to a class full of German students, I can almost guarantee it would be an anonomous “Dirk Nowitzki”.
B. Thesis…
C. My love for basketball only lets me respect Dirk and led me to research and learn more than I already know about this great player. Hopefully you will see all he has done for the game of basketball and his country,
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B.2.a. His jersey sold out in Germany and many Americans started picking up on some of his German ways. One of his trade-marks other than his luscious hair, was after a three pointer he would hold up fingers.
B.2.b. The most memorable season for Dirk would have been his 2011 campaign where he captured the title against the high and mighty Miami heat. He was named the Finals MVP.
B.2.c. According to Dime magazine, Dirk is the third best player that wasn’t born in the states. He is 3rd behind Tim Duncan and Hakeem the dream Olajuwon, who both have multiple championships to his one.
(Lastly I’ll share what I find most impressive about Dirk) (Pause)
C. Dirk has stayed true to his country and always gives Germany reasons to be proud of their Hero.
C.1. I believe in the game of basketball, just like all sports I believe it can bring people together and even unify countries.
C.1.a. Dirk has helped make the NBA an internationally respected sport.
C.1.b. He lead Germany to a silver medal at the World basketball Championship in 2002
C.2. In 2001 the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation was started. Dirk partnered with his parents and former trainer/mentor to provide education, health and well being for children around

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