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Job Description – Director of Marketing
Job Title: Director of Marketing
Hiring Company: Signature Marketing Group
Reports to: President
Supervises: Staff of two
Environmental Conditions: None
Location: Langhorn, PA
Compensation: $88,000 - $95,000
Functions: Accomplishes business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans; implementing sales plans; managing staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Financial * Supervise accounting staff. * Maintain payroll records and work with payroll company to ensure timely and accurate employee payrolls and payment of required payroll taxes. * Administer employee benefit programs, including enrollment of new employees, and review
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Event Operations * Oversee and reconcile operational portions of event budgets (i.e. shipping, gifts, awards, etc). * Review all completed event reconciliations to ensure accuracy prior to final invoicing. * Oversee the management of all event databases. * Manage the development of all event-specific web sites. * Work with event operations staff to develop technology standards specific to on-site SMG operations.

Company Operations * Develop and implement upgraded internal control systems and operating policies consistent with the overall goals of the organization. * Maintain inventory controls (including shipping/receiving processes). * Continually update and develop SMG SOPs. * Develop and manage SMG’s measurement and metrics model. * Ensure best utilization of all SMG assets (space, equipment, furniture, etc.) * Generate ideas and initiatives that capitalize on existing and prospective client relationship strengths to drive substantive benefit to SMG. * Work closely with internal departments, such as marketing and operations, and external partners in the development and implementation of SMG strategies, plans, and business models. * Attend and participate in sales and partner meetings, SMG team meetings, etc. * Adhere to SMG’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and all company policies. * Other tasks as assigned by your manager


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