Different Types Of Good Characteristics Essay

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I believe that every person has their own good sides as well as bad sides. Since I am one of a person, I do have these two sides of it inside of me as well. I will be focusing only on my good sides now. There are three type of good characteristics I have. Of course, there are more. For now, I will tell you just three of it. Three types of the characteristic I have. The first positive characteristic of me is, being friendly to everyone. Which means, I am a friendly person. It doesn’t matter I know you or not. But there is one case, I never start talking to anyone unless they talk to me first. It doesn’t mean I am on the top of my pride. Well, most of the people think I am. Until they get to know me well. And, the reason why I don’t usually talk to people first is, because I don’t want to feel awkward.

There is always something inside of me. Which is, “fear.” the fear of not getting an attention from people I talk to. I know I should change that habit of me. Actually, being talkative is one of my personality. I always get yelled from mother, because I talked a lot. I and my oldest are so much alike. We both are talkative and we both could make friends easily. The second positive characteristic I have is, getting alone with almost everyone I met. What basically means is, I don’t have enemies. Throughout my school’s history, I got into a fight only one time. It was a small kind of verbal harassment fight. One thing was, I never became an enemy with the girl I got into a fight…

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