Different Stages Of Life Groups Are Divided Through Childhood

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It was neat and odd observing people around my own age. It made me think about my own interactions and development as I was observing others. Starbucks is a common meetings place and study location for college students. Even though the majority of the people there were college students, some were adults. I paid attention how their behaviors differed from those of the college students. As I observed I noticed that of the groups it was mainly groups of all guys or all girls. I found this interesting because at this stage of development girls and guys alike tend to intermingle. However, then I thought about the way groups are divided through childhood. In many different stages of life groups are divided in genders: gym class in elementary school, Sunday school groups, dorms in college, etc. It is the nature of what we know. While looking around I noticed that a good majority of the college students were on their phones, a common occurrence among the millennial generation. This made me question whether certain social skills were mastered during middle childhood and the lasting effects it has on them now?
As expected of college students many were doing homework or studying. Why? - To get good grades, to pass their classes, to learn, but most importantly to better and prepare themselves for their future careers. Jobs are not uncommon among college students; often times many college students hold one or more jobs in order to make it through college financially. Students hold on…

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