Different Schools Essay

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Different Schools Evette Grayson Ashford University EDU650: Teaching Learning and Leading in the 21st Century Instructor: Kimberly Smith July 13, 2014

Introduction. The educational development of students around the world differ. From the teaching methods to the philosophies of each teacher to the needs of their students, schools have adjusted themselves to cater to the needs of their students. With the many differences in teaching and learning methods, the ongoing debate of how a student is taught and what they learn is ongoing. Still, at the core of this debate is that all parties involved agree that the primary focus is the student. This paper will illustrate the commonalities and differences between an elementary
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By knowing the appropriate method for teaching, the effectiveness of a student’s learning can be established (Yerxa, 2003). Though the best interest of the student is always first and foremost in a mind, teachers must also be aware that the style of teaching that they implement is to be one of effectiveness and longevity and not for comfort or convenience (Newman, 2013). For Janice, variety in learning material and cooperative groupings with hands on activities and dialogue with other students is what best suits her teaching style and philosophy. Kyle enforces a more relaxed environment to promote more involvement from the students. Both teaching styles are suited for the age group and the teacher to student ratio in the class, but what is evident is that one style would not work for the other teacher. The elementary class is designed based on structure and obedience to set a foundation for what the learning process should be; the teacher teaches the student, and the student learns what’s being taught. The high school class is designed so that what is being taught can be questioned further; allowing the student to explore their own thoughts and understandings of the material. From both teachers, I understand that what’s best for the student is derived from what they need most. Janice’s intentions are to lay the foundation, and Kyle’s intentions are to let the students build upon

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