Different Interdisciplinary Methods Of Patient Clinician Communication

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the different interdisciplinary methods of patient-clinician communication. This topic is important to me because having the ability to be effective in my communication results in satisfaction, fulfillment, quality, safety, contentment, and peace. After writing this paper I hope to learn the many different techniques and skills to increase and sharpen my level of communication. I hope this new knowledge will inspire me to continually keep an open mind, while being considerate, to all the different channels of communication that can be implemented into my practice. Nurses need to know the benefits of communication because in our profession, we interact with patients during their most vulnerable states. Further more, these patients are frightened, embarrassed, frustrated, ashamed, and at times, lost. They are not capable of clearly articulating their needs and wants because of the encumbrance of emotions they are experiencing. Through effective communication of engaging listening and continual reflection, we can help these patients express their feelings. Helping the patient to feel comfortable, safe, and in control will start the establishment of a trusted relationship allowing nurses the opportunity to make a difference.
Principles of Communication
The seven principles of patient-clinician communication are Mutual respect, harmonized goals, supportive environment, appropriate decision partners, the right information, transparency and…

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