Different Aspects Of My Personality Essay

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Personality Style

The two dominant aspects of my personality are Vigilant and Conscientious styles. As a Conscientious person, I hold strong morals and won’t stop until the job is done right. They are extremely loyal and hard workers. The find pride and satisfaction in completing a task down to the very last detail. They are organizers who like routines and schedules. Dedicated to their job and the people in their lives. A Conscientious person is very opinionated and it’s incredibly hard to change their mind. They like everything to go the way they planned. Everything needs to be perfect or else they will do it themselves. They are also reluctant to discard anything. Vigilant is a more reserved characteristic with exceptional self and outer awareness. They are very observant and have a tendency to look for people’s hidden motivation. It is hard to earn their trust and nearly impossible to get a second chance once you’ve ruined it. The world’s social critics who are loyal and hardworking. Although they like to be independent, they will give you all their attention and input. Vigilant people are not to be meat to be messed with and don’t like to take emotional risks. They are possessive and easily jealous, it is easy for them to feel used. Though they are not usually verbal with their affections, they turn to humour as their only outlet.

For Conscientious, I picked the Stress domain. My personality works exactly like the packet describes. I have a difficult time…

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