Differences Between Sports And Physical Activity Essay

1929 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 8 Pages
All of my life I have been involved in a sport or physical activity. The similarity between the sports I have learned to play and the way I was taught to learn in school are very much the same. I grew up playing softball and volleyball, which are both very detailed sports to play. With all different positions, regulations, and rules it is very much important to pay close attention while being taught how to play. It would have never been easy to learn the techniques by only watching a volleyball match or a game of softball repeatedly. It was very important for me to have a coach to physically show me all of the proper ways of doing each thing while also improving my mistakes as I made them. When it comes to academics, I am able to learn in a similar way. My learning techniques have not changed very much between then and now but after completing a few different learning assessments, I have noticed a few differences between my strengths and also with the way I learn as an adult. The first learning assessment that I completed was able to point out a few different learning styles that best fit me. Before taking this assessment I have always thought that I was only a visual learner and never even thought that I was able to have multiple different styles. The assessment revealed that there is always room for improvement, while also allowing me to discover what my interests are, as opposed to what they were four years ago. It presented to me that my top two learning styles were…

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