Essay Differences Between Relationships And Relationships

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In this time, I am going to consider that major differences in Close friendships and romantic relationships. I think that there are major differences in-between those relationships. There is one of the best-known models of relational stages. It’s Knapp’s relational ship stages. It shows ten stages fit into this three-phase view of relational communication. And then this model seems most appropriate for describing communication between romantic partners. Firstly, I would like to discuss the differences at “initiating” stage in the model. I think that it has big differences when I talk the differences between close friendships and romantic relationships. The differences are feelings and views to the person that you fall in love at first sight or you want to be friend with. So, I mean when I meet the women I have a feeling of love, It’s awkward for me to talk to her as I talk to the men. I can do that conversation formulas like handshakes, remarks about weather, and friendly expressions, as our textbook says, to the men. However in the case of women I like, it would not be like the case of men. In our text book, the author says “ Initiating relationships – especially romantic ones – can be particularly difficult for people are shy.” And making contact via the Internet can be helpful in case like this. (p.256). It all makes sense for me. I’m shy and I’m not good at talking with women so much. That’s why I think that it’s very helpful to make a contact with women without…

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