Understanding Emotional Intimacy

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The definition of the word intimacy is a close familiarity or friendship/ closeness. Many people relate the word intimacy to sexual encounters with a mutual partner of interest. That is not the only definition of being intimate with another individual means. There are two ways to categorize the word intimacy, which are psychological and physical. As mentioned previously by Tannen in her book You Just Don’t Understand, she describes intimacy as, “the key in a world of connections where individuals negotiate complex networks of friends, minimize differences, try to reach consensus and avoid the appearance of superiority, which would highlight differences” (Tannen, D.). The psychological viewpoint of the word is determining how genders specifically …show more content…
The author states, “Men may risk social rejection when they express or report a great degree on what are considered traditionally “feminine” characteristics such as strong emotions and intimacy. Men also may be homophobic and fearful of appearing vulnerable or weak” (Gaia, A. C.). The word “feminine” in this context means to display any signs of affection or emotions toward another person. A man’s image and appearance is important to him. Therefore if by showing any emotions or intimate behavior could possibly tarnish their character they will not display this affection because they do not want to be called a homosexual. Another author also agrees with this trait in men of fear of rejection from society if he was to portray intimate …show more content…
The author states, “Men may feel particular pressure to disassociate themselves from such a label because homophobia, and the more general fear of being seen as unmanly, remains deeply fundamental to the construction of manhood” (Felmlee, D., Sweet, E., & Sinclair, H.). At a young age men are taught to be strong and not show any signs of weakness. When you are taught this strict view on life you start to distance your self from the emotional viewpoint on life. Therefore, when the time comes to be vulnerable and sensitive to another person’s emotion they will not know how to cope and handle the situation. Men are used to being that dominant figure in a relationship in which they start to lose a sense of what the other aspects of what a relation is

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