Differences Between Online And Traditional Classes Essay

712 Words Sep 1st, 2016 3 Pages
Universities are becoming more involved with the internet which has increased the amount of students that choose to enroll in online classes. Just like traditional classes, online instructors use assignments, discussions, and community to educate the students. I have heard this question a numerous amount of times and have wondered it once myself. Both online and traditional classes require students to structure their time wisely. This question does not have a definite answer considering everyone has different life styles and learn best in their own unique ways. I myself have had a year of experience with both. There are many pros and cons the two situations that everyone can agree with that I will mention. I will start by discussing the positives and then the negatives of each.
A lot of people choose to take online classes because there are multiple advantages to it. Most of all it helps work flexibly with students scattered schedules. Attending class can be hard for those who may have jobs or are busy with activities. It also allows students to self-pace themselves if they might be slow learners. Some people have time of the days that their brain processes more information allowing them to learn more. Students don’t have to worry about being late to class or their attendance every scheduled class day. In traditional colleges online classes can be more affordable. Students don’t have to fight traffic and find parking spaces. They can sit at home it their pajamas and feel…

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