Differences Between College And High School

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The adjustment from High School to College can be difficult for some people while on the other hand, it can simple for others ; there are a lot differences between College and High School.

The contact between teachers and students in high school are more closer and more frequent ( five days a week ) In college contact between Professors and Students is less frequent ( One or 3 times a week ). In high school academic requirements are not as demanding in addition academics In college are more demanding and more difficult effective college level study skills are critical to success counseling is usually initiated by teachers are guidance counselors with parental contact available In college counseling must be sought by students and is focused
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One similarity you’ll find between high School and college is that the classes for the most part will be run in the same fashion a teacher will stand at the front of the room, teach lessons and give you exams to evaluate how much you have learned, On the other hand in High School you have all of your classes in the same time frame everyday of the week most classes are only 50 mins long in college your classes might meet once, twice or three times a week and be anywhere from one to three hours long. Your exams could be in familiar formats such as multiple choice or they could be essay exams in which you write your answers in a test …show more content…
Perhaps the biggest difference between a high school education is the responsibility you’ll undertake as a college Student. Students In college you are an Adult and you will be held accountable for all of your behavior nobody will force you to go to class or study for your exams and your Professors will not be as nearly as willing as high school teachers are to negotiate grades In high school you are you are trained to follow rules : class attendance is mandatory and your teachers always tell you exactly what you need to do and know unlike in college you have to prepare yourself : You choose which classes to take and you might not always be told what information will be on a

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