Process Essay: Differences Between High School And College

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College is a choice; you either chose to attend the path of long hours dedicated to studying and constant procrastination, or you chose the direction that best suits you in your top interest. College is implemented for a diversity of people to gain knowledge based on their future careers or goals that they might have set. It is also a place intended for you to grow and find new experiences along the way in your journey. However, college is not all about information being thrown at you, it’s more about all the major life changes that you acquire during and after the experience. The big different between high school and college can vary from different points of views, for example in high school you are very structured with your time. When you …show more content…
Proving to show initiative, doesn’t mean getting those perfect test scores or getting that flawless GPA, it simply means being independent and doing it before you are told to do so. In college, nobody will tell you what you need to do or how it needs to done, because it’s your job to ask the teacher for help, or offering to help out at an event. Those are the students that will make a difference and not wait to be asked to make a different. Those are the students that are not afraid of failure and if they are wrong, will get back up and grow or learn from that experience. Without initiative, no great leader would be where they are today because of the sacrifices that they have made. Throughout college your main goals should be to take risk as much of the time you can because you can learn so much from your mistakes. When students are given a task, teachers look who the one students can completely transform their task into a stronger and effective transformation. This then sets the stage or foundation for your future career because you know what a risk can do for you. To make a successful student taking initiative in a key skill that every student must learn to

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