Why High School Is Better Than College

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Many people say that college gives students more freedom to do anything they want and that high school does not have as many benefits as college has. It is more important to attend college classes because the student needs to be more responsible. High school is for grades ninth to twelfth and it is taken after middle school, college is taken after the end of twelfth grade. High school and college are different in three ways: the attendance policy, the responsibility, and the social life on campus. High school and college are different because of the attendance policy. In high school, the student can miss several days as long as they make up the missed work. The attendance does count against students, but there is no hard penalty for it, whereas in college, one only gets a minimum number of days that he or she can miss. If a student misses more days than the class policy states, then they will get dropped from the college course. Missing days in college can cause the student to fail by missing lectures on or any other materials that the professor has given the student. When students miss days in college, it could eventually lead to them …show more content…
The student in both high school and college should attend classes at all times unless they have an emergency, they should be responsible for everything they do because it will help them in the future, and they should try to have a social life in college. The students’ social life in school is different in high school and in college because of the teachers and how they teach. The professors in college use the same tone in what they teach while in high school the teachers change their tones to match what they are teaching; they could be so enthusiastic about a specific topic that the lesson turns out fun for the student. High school and college do not vary in most activities that are

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