The Similarities And Differences Between High School And College

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When I was in high school, all my teachers would say that they were trying to prepare us for college. Now that I am in college they were wrong in their ways of preparing us for college. High school taught me basically nothing for college. This essay is going to describe the similarities and differences of high school and college. High school is a mandatory and usually free here in America. In high school your books are provided and cost you nothing, you often have no homework, someone else makes your schedule for you, you have a certain “clique” you’re in, bells will ring to tell you when classes end and begin, and you’re lucky if you actually learn something in the class.
In high school everyone must attend. High school is super easy. In
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Students normally only spend about twelve-eighteen hours in classrooms. The professor’s guidelines and grading system are their choice and they put them in a syllabus at the beginning of each semester and you are required to know them. Tests in college are normally over big sections of the book due to the short terms they have to teach in. Class time is for lectures and you are expected to study and do homework on your own time. Professors assign a lot to read and only hit a few of the key points out of it in class. It is up to students on what they think they should study for test; the professors do not give out reviews for you to study. Although there are several differences between the two, they do have some similarities. They both prepare you for your future, the goal is to gain more knowledge about things you don’t know about, athletics are a huge part of both places, and you still have to take your basic classes. In both college and high school, you have instructors, students, and graduating classes. In conclusion high school and college are two very different places where you get your education. This essay told you the differences and similarities between the two places. College is definitely the one I would choose because it gets you prepared for the real

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