The Similarities And Differences Of High School Vs. College

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The slam of the door as it closes sends a shudder through a student. Their teacher walks to the front of the room. This may seem familiar, with both high school and in college. Although, as it may seem familiar there are many differences with them as there are similarities. For one, both of them have different costs. This is something many of us may know already. High school also may seem easier than college. On the other hand, colleges and high schools have the same concept: to make us smarter. As well as they have a similar structure in how they teach us. High school and college make the world go round, even with all their similarities and differences. The cost of college is way higher than the cost to participate in high school. Although …show more content…
They both have the same concept, which is to make people smarter, and to help them get a degree and education. High school is definitely easier than college, but they both are preparing people for something bigger that will come. High school helps with basic’s, starting from kindergarten all the way to someone 's senior year, it is building someone 's knowledge. College is building off of someone’s knowledge from high school, helping someone become what they’ve always wanted to be. Whether that is a doctor or a teacher, it is the same concept, to help someone become …show more content…
For instance, they have different costs. This seems to be something everyone knows. High school may also seem easier to some people than college may seem. As it is preparing people for what is to come. As they have differences, they also have similarities. Both high school and college have the same concept as the other does, to prepare you for what 's to come and make you smarter. They also have the same structure in the way things are set up, and sometimes in the way they teach others. All these things may become wrapped in someone 's brain, maybe they will remember this for a long time. With all of this being said, this paper is similar to high school and college. As one may read this, maybe they learn something new, or they may learn something they know and get a quick refresher. Life is one big roller coaster. Someone may see something they didn 't know was there the first time, but as they ride it again, they see the same thing as they did

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