Differences Between China And Western Countries Essay

922 Words Jun 7th, 2016 4 Pages
During this internship, I also had the honor to participate a meeting of a website optimization promotion company, Yell. This meeting let me know the importance of the promotion of SEO in PR digital nowadays and also found differences between China and western countries like UK. Therefore, I wrote an blog article about the differences between China 's Baidu and Google in the SEO promotion submitted to the supervisor.

With the rapid development of the network and the deepening influence of all aspects of social life, more and more organizations have recognized the advantages of website optimization promotion, and have paid attention to the potential market. The research of enterprises network popularization makes them in a low cost, high efficiency way to implement their product, culture and publicity work, that stimulate consumer demand to get profits. At the same time, it would be more helpful to them to establish a good reputation and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises (Ramos and Cota 2009). Also, because of fierce market competition, traditional marketing’s strength may not match their ambitions due to the lack of appropriate communication channels and high costs, etc. But website optimization promotion could enable enterprises to transfer information to consumers at a very low cost, and to provide consumers with personalized service, thus fundamentally improve the consumer satisfaction. Therefore, SEO could improve the efficiency of enterprises and have a great…

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