Difference In Training Methods In High School And College

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High school and college is the training center for Olympic champions of students. Students go to High school to train to be successful in college, like an athlete trains at their local teams to be part of their countries Olympic team. Once a student enters college they train to be well prepared professionals. Once an athlete becomes a member of their countries Olympic team they train to be an Olympic gold medalist. Just like there’s a major difference in training methods to be part of an Olympics team to winning an Olympic gold medal, there’s a difference in training methods in high school than in college. Although high school and college serve the same purpose to train students they are different in scheduling, grading, and paying their education. …show more content…
In high school, honor and advance placement (AP) classes affect students’ grade point averages (GPA). For example a student might be taking honors English and receives a B as the final grade. In a regular English class a B is 3.0, but since the student is in an honors English class it would be a 4.0 B, as a result the student GPA would go up by one point. While in college there is no honors or AP class that can affect the students GPA. If a student receives a B in their English class, it would just be a regular 3.0 B with no added points. Another difference would be the dropping of a grade. In high school teachers cannot drop student’s grades, but might give extra credit if students bring in paper or other class utilities. In the other hand, in college some professors may drop a student lowest grade on a test; they also give extra credit if the student participates in an event or does extra work for the class. In high school, most teachers do not have time to give their students extra assistance in the courses the student is taking. Teachers only help students during school hours but they are always teaching. In contrast in college, professors have office hours in which students are able to ask questions on a topic they did not understand. By students going to officer hour’s they obtain a better understanding of the subject pass the course with a decent …show more content…
If a student is in enrolled in a Public high school their classes are free. Students aren’t obligated to pay for any classes. Unlike high school, college students need to pay for their classes. The cost of a class is based on the amount of credits each class is worth. If it’s one credit it may cost around $100 but if its three credit it may cost $300. To attend college for one semester may cost a student around $1,000. In high school students are provided with books or any programs they might use for a class for free. In college students have to pay for their own books and programs for a class. Books and programs range in prices, some may be as cheap as $20 and other as expensive as $90. High school students are not obligated to pay for classes or books because of taxes. Taxes pay for a student’s seat in a class and their books. In college students can get scholarships, grants, loans, and financial aid to pay for their expenses. Some student might get financial aid to pay for their books or classes and others might have scholarships that pay for books and classes. Unfortunately there are some college students that do not receive any help and are required to pay for everything on their own.
High school and college are both important stages in a student’s path to success that they must experience. Whether it is going from high school to college or from college to be a

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