Disadvantages Of Working In A Team

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Working in a team as a leader is different from working as a team member. The differences of working between leaders and members are leaders are ready to step up and command the project or task that has been assign by the organisation while members will only follow the decision that has been made by leaders to complete the task, followers will only remain inactive until clear directives has been given. (Careerwise recruitment, n.d.) For example, team leader of DISTED will separate the project of selection and recruitment process into few tasks such as designing advertisement, planning interview schedules, selecting resumes after accumulate, designing interview questions and evaluation form and so on. Team members will then work with the task …show more content…
Leader will mostly come up with new ideas, convert it to message and delivers to team members. In this case if conflict occurs it will lead to process and intragroup conflict which means conflict occurs within a group about how the work gets done. For example, when members do not agree to the ideas that have suggested by the leader, it may cause conflict occurs. In this case, leader must be openness and willing to accept different opinions from team members and try to make up a better idea that fits everyone to ensure the process of selection and recruitment runs smoothly. Furthermore, recruiting new lecturers will face difficult situations like failing to find someone that is suitable to join DISTED, failing to provide perfect specific job description which causes numbers of candidates who are not qualified for the job. Leader of the team need to solve the these difficult situation with the best solution by ensuring members has prepared a detailed job description, double checking before publishing advertisement and spend more time and money to interview candidates so that they can have time to prepare

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