Difference Between Social Media And Traditional Media

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Traditional media has known as an old media by people, for example, magazines, books, newspapers, radio and television broadcasts. Social media is a new and electronic communication tool as a platform to help people share information, opinions and messages, such as Facebook or some online news website, for instance British Broadcasting Company news website. Furthermore, social media still continue to develop and keep on extend its uses. To illustrate this, there are over 80% of internet consumers search online for news (Goldenberg, 2015). As the development of new media, there are three reasons about social media will replace traditional media as a source of news which are the speed of spread is faster, convenience and press freedom.

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According to Duke (2013), discovered that the ability of social media is social media can easily reach where traditional media cannot. Through the social media people do not need to wait the news which spread by television or newspaper. According to Van Den Hurk (2013), social media has speeded up the news cycle and it raise the ability of people to share news. Moreover, Social media allows news organizations to access to news faster. Online users can through the social media informed the emergency which happen around them. For example, when some emergency news happens, the newspaper company can publish on its website replace by waiting to go to print on newspaper. Journalists as well as the citizen also can obtain news by social media. According to Van Den Hurk (2013), during a disaster or superstorm, the power of spread of social media becomes significant. Although it seems that the credibility of traditional media is better than social media, the speed of spread of traditional media is lower than social media. According to Van Den Hurk (2013), there are some citizen journalists reporting news as it is replacing traditional news organizations as the first resource of the news. Traditional media is no longer the umpire of news …show more content…
At present using internet access with electronic products such as smart phone or laptop is one of the living habits by most of people. People are fond of using electronic products for entertainment including browse in social media such as Facebook or Twitter. For some university student who living in college, social media is one of the important news resources. According to Goldenberg (2015), it mentions that social media has become a way of life. Moreover, according to Van Den Hurk (2013), the news is now more than ever. It has been positive for journalism and reader. Since social media invest more access to sources and information, it has made it easier to explore out the sources and content experts and to cast a wider net for evidences. There are some news organization has its official website, such as British Broadcasting Company news website. Therefore, people can find the news what they want to know easily, conveniently and in more

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